WelCome to

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba
Dhyana Mandiram

Sri Sai Baba blessed us to start a Bhajana Mandap with his photo & a small(4inch) idol on 2 nd Dec 1995, Geetha Jayanthi Day, Margasheersha Shudha Ekadhashi. On that day after doing panchamruthaabhishekam to baba’s idol we first gave Noon Aarthi at 12:00 noon and Dhoop Aarthi at 06:00PM and Shej Aarthi at 08:00PM. From the very next day, we started four Aarthis and on every Thursday Bhajana Sandhya after Dhoop Aarthi. With his blessings some of our Devotees went for Baba Dharshan at Shirdi in March-1996. At Shirdi in one of our Devotee,s dream Baba appeared and told him to buy Marble Baba Idol of 18Inches(1½ feet). That 1½ feet idol was inagruated on Shri Raama Navami day in the year 1996 and did all rituals.

In 1997 Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Dhyana Mandiram committee became a regisgered organisation. So many members of our committee along with so many devotees done regular Sai Satcharithra Paarayanam, Sai Leelamrutha Paarayanam, Guru Charithra Paarayanam and Sri Vishnu Sahasra Naama Paarayanam regularly from 1 st April 1996 to Sri Raama Navami of 1999. Then Baba appeared in the dream of our founder and asked him to give him Shelter. Taking this as Baba’s order, we in the Shravana Maasam laid a foundation stone to reconstruct a Baba mandir, where till then we worshipped and still we continuing. With out interuption to Baba’s four Aarthis and regular rituals, we there constructed a Mandiram with 18 feet Gopuram. In the year 2000 February we brought an Idol of Baba about 05Feet 6Inches which was sculptured by Sri Suraj Narayan Joshi, a person who helped and assisted Sri Balaji Taalim, the sculptor of BABA IDOL in Shirdi.

It was done Praana Prathistta on 12.04.2000 on the SriRaamaNavami Day and Aaradhanothshavam of Pujyasri Ekkiraala Bharadwaja Master(Sai Master). Dhuni Prathistaapana done by Sri H. H. Voruganti Raama Krishna Prasad Guruji of Vijayawada. In 2010 we did Guru Paadukaa Mahothsavam and All Andhra Sai Bhakta Sammelanam from 21 st August to 23 rd August with the help of Sri Shirdi Sai Seva Trust, Ukkunagaram, Visakhapatnam under the Guide lines of Pujyasri V. V. Poornachandra Rao guruji. In 2012 we performed Kumbhabhisekham with the Pandiths(Brahmins), who helped us in these twelve years and these were facilitated by our committee members.